DIE E​.​P.

by DiE

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Recorded in early summer 2013 at Audio Underground Studios.


released October 8, 2013

Written and recorded by DiE.

Engineered by a Fucked Up Mad Man
Mastered at the North London Bomb Factory



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Life is Hate
You cant break me
All I know is pain
All I know is hate
All I know is shame
The world is cold
Forced to live like slaves
Our only salvation's
when we're dead in the grave

Life is hate
Life is pain
Life is chains
Life is shame
Life is war
Track Name: Futility
Worthless pathetic
Born obsolete
A wretched existence
beneath others feet
cowering fearful
head bowed to elites
Society looks on
while greed kills the weak
Broken futile
no will left to beat
the few have the power
to force feed deceit
Force fed
Force fed
Force fed deceit

Government lies forcing us to crawl
The parasites survive feeding of us all
Track Name: Choke
Escape from despair
Surrender all hope
Chose to kill for your country
its your own blood you'll choke

Dead in a ditch forgotten nameless X2

Escape from despair
Surrender all hope

Choke x2
Track Name: No Vision
Track marks bleeding
Sat broken and weeping
Can barely breath
But always wanting more

Need drugs for healing
Liquor for breeding
Destroy all feeling
till your face down on the floor

Tired of the hate
The endless pace
The mindless chase
Sick of feeling like a whore

Lost all meaning
Got nothing to believe in
Wake up screaming
Can't take it anymore
Track Name: Bodies
Bodies burn
As we fill the graves
Innocent lives,
We came to save,
Illusions of freedom, from barbaric regimes
Driven by bloodlust for profit and greed
While they're raping your country they wont heed your screams
Until you fall down on your knees, and concede
Track Name: DiE
Born into chaos
purpose unknown
Life void of meaning
the cycle goes on

No god can save you
Religions a lie
There is only one truth
Were all going to die

To nothing we shall return X2